Stop! Thief!


Today I was robbed at the supermarket.  Flat out clubbed on the head and mugged.  Not only was a robbed of my money but I was also robbed of my dignity, pleasure and expectations.  I should have know better.  I should have stayed away from the produce section..  For hiding in the bins of delicious smelling peaches were…….MEALY PEACHES.  I was blinded by their delicious, mouth watering aroma, their reddish orange skin tones, their soft fuzzy flesh.  What was I thinking.  Those peaches were not local, they were not tree ripened, they were thieves waiting to steal my money and steal my delight in biting delicious fuzzy peach flesh.  I was in a grocery store and not at the local farmers market.  I must have been hypnotized or drugged or worse yet day dreaming.  Damn.

I started my trip to the store not really expecting much.  I wanted some fruit for my lunches this week…..some apples and pears were on my mind.  I wandered slowly through the produce section, squeezing fruit and smelling melons.  Oh how sweet, how deliciously sweet.  I grabbed a couple of cameo apples and some red pears.  They looked wonderful.  I started to get excited with the anticipation of biting into their flesh.  Next were the mangoes.  Organic beauties with bright green and orange peels.  They were slightly soft to the touch.  Perfectly ripe.  And then I heard something calling to me from a bin not too far off.  A wonderful sweet aroma enveloped me exciting my senses.  I read a sign saying tree ripen peaches.  I touched them, caressing their skin.  They were soft and beautifully colored.  Before I could stop myself there were two peaches in my basket waiting for me to rush them home.  My excitement had gotten the best of me.  But I could not help myself.  I wanted peaches.

My world came to a screeching halt as I bit into the first peach.  My expectations were yanked from me as I felt the mealy flesh in my mouth.  I was not going to have the delicious peach that I had anticipated.  No.  I was not.  Those peaches robbed me of my sweet expectations of delicious flesh, sweet nectar dripping on my face and rolling on my tongue.  A tear rolled down my cheek.  I was fooled.  I was fooled by the smell and color.  By the thought of how they should taste.

So how come I was tempted, forgetting that only local peaches that were picked ripe on the trees are the best.  There are rules to be followed to get a peach to that perfect taste.  I must promise to myself never again to be tempted by those crafty grocery store peaches.  I will  give my soul to the local peaches found at the farmers market and only eat of their wonderful delicious flesh.  I will never again be robbed of the my delicious expectations.

To help myself in that search for the perfect peach I found a man that has answers to the question of how to find a good peach.  I have included a link from Produce Pete. He lets us know how to avoid mealy peaches. Thank you Pete.  See Below.  Happy peach hunting to all.

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