Day 12, Pesto and Pasta



Rode my bike to the farmers market this morning.  I am looking for two thing in particular.  Sweet dumpling squash (There is only spaghetti squash in the garden) and sweet basil (The Japanese beetles loved my basil this year). I love pesto. That wonderful basil paste with garlic. As I see it angels came down one sunny fall afternoon and harvested basil and garlic. A dash of olive oil and pine nuts and the paste is nothing short of heavenly. Each bite of pasta covered in dark green pesto, I could not ask for more. This is what autumn is all about.

I stopped at the Coffee Bean Connection for a latte before riding to the market.  I get a double shot in a short glass because I like to taste my coffee.  The hot latte on this cool morning is just what I needed.  A quick pick-me-up.  So I head up to the market.  I grab a couple of Cherokee tomatoes and a Fibonacci broccoli.  Everyone calls them Romanesco broccoli but I call them Fibonacci as it is the ultimate fractal vegetable.  (I will save this for another post). 


I walk down the block and spy some sweet dumpling squash.  I love them steamed.  So sweet and buttery.  Vegetarian candy.  I buy for so that I will have some for the next couple of weeks.  I also see some sweet basil.  I buy 6 bundles, or maybe 8.  Enough to fill a large paper shopping bag.  Now I am ready for dinner.  First I will make the pesto for the winter mouths and then a pasta dinner with the Fibonacci broccoli and pesto.


6 cups sweet basil leaves compacted

2 cups pine nuts

2 cups petitas (Pumpkin seeds)

3 heads of garlic.

3 cups of extra virgin olive oil.

Add all the ingredients to the food processor and process until smooth.  I usually do this in several batches as my prcessor is rather small.  package in a shallow glass container with lid.  Cut with a knife like you were cutting a cake.  This will make it easier to dispense once it is frozen.

I got hungry so a chopped up three red carrots and one red pepper and one banana pepper.  I sauteed them in some olive oil while I boiled pasta.  I added some of the fresh basil and pasta.  Lunch is served.  Now I can wait until dinner for the Fibonacci broccoli and pesto.  Some rosemary potato bread too.


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