Day 6, VB6

I read an interesting article today.  It was published in May 2013 by Mark Bitman author of VB6 (Vegan Before 6). 

I do like the idea of a plant based diet before 6pm.  Eating heavy during the day leaves me sluggish.  And I do like that Mr Bitman wants to push for a more healthy alternative to the American diet.  Yet eating anything you want after 6 is kind of a stretch if your goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet or should I say as it pertains to me.  Limits still need to be enforced if I want to be a healthy individual.  I still need to limit the amount of processed foods that I put into my mouth.  Yet I find it difficult to put limitations of a strict vegan diet on my lifestyle.  I want find myself wanting more. But I am talking in the moment.  I may feel differently in the future.  The steps I take today will lead me to unimagined destinations.

I did read the comments after the article.  Interesting.  If you are reading this article I would also take a look at some of the comments that follow.

On another note. I am enjoying the morning. A walk with my dog Stormy this morning was wonderful. The smell of autumn is in the air which is natures cue for the waiting trees to melt into vibrant shades of orange,red and gold. And yesterday I saw the first pumpkin stand in a farmers field. Pumpkins lined up like fat soldiers at attention waiting for battle. Autumn is turning the corner.

This morning the menu is pancakes with poached apples and raisins.

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