Day 5, A trip to Madison

Today I will drive into Madison to see Tom.  He is quite busy with his classwork. (He is working on his certification)  SO I will make myself busy at the market buying some fish and raiding his wonderful garden filled with vegetables.  I will bring some chutney, pepper sauce and apple filling (to make a pastry).  We will have a wonderful dinner once he finishes his studies.

All in all the change in diet is going well.  I do feel some need for fish today, the reason I will be buying some fish at the market.  My thought is fish has a lower cholesterol content and a better source of protein if I am going to eat meat.  Once every couple of weeks should satiate my cravings.  Tom certainly eats meat more often than I but he does like and enjoys vegetarian dishes.  I would speculate that he is 50/50 when it comes to eating vegetarian.  Half his days menus are without meat.   My problem is not going without meat so much as eating dairy products regularly.  I do need to cut out most of the cheese intake.  That I will find the most difficult.  Cheese is a food that I crave when I am not eating meat.  I need to find my protein choices in other areas.  My other problem is eating late.  I guess a rule of no eating after 7 would make things more defined.  This will be a hard rule to stick to.



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