Day 3, Stormy weather

A storm blew through today as I drove home from work.  Dark clouds hung on the hills as if the branches in the trees were clawing to pull them from the sky.  After days of little rain the plants are anxious to drink the cool raindrops.  Suddenly violent wind swept the branches from the sky and the clouds escaped rushing overhead.  Leaves took to the air dancing in the road.  Red and orange leaps and pirouettes followed each gust as the storm rushed forward.

And then calm.  Each leaf on the trees motionless begging the sky for rain.  I could see a curtain or gray sweeping over the valley.  Heavy raindrops started to hit the windshield.  Splat, pop, splash.  The raindrops increased until the windows of the car were a river of water blurring the lights of the cars ahead of me.  The swirls of light though the rain made an eerie picture and hampered the drive.  The wind gusted waves of water onto the hood of the car.  Each wave crashing on a beach in the countryside.  Racing through the valley to the edge of the storm.

And as sudden as the storm began.  It stopped.

Today I am eating vegan during the day.  Tomatoes and an apple.  Dinner was quinoa and fried eggplant with peppers and tomatoes.  Very delicious.  I am looking forward to some popcorn later.


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