Day 2, What kind of cookie?

I was on my walk for the evening.  What an enjoyable pastime.  The cool night air has a hypnotic effect on my senses.  The sounds in the neighborhood are masked by the setting sun as it rushes past the horizon to reveal the night sky.  Cool air washes my face as I quicken my pace.  And then it hits me.  The restaurant on the corner has a sign in the window.  “We Have Pumpkin Walnut Cookies”  Damn.  Pumpkin Walnut.  How can a squash and a dried up nut sound so wonderful.  I can imagine myself munching on cookies in front of the fire with my socked feet warming as the wood pops sending sparks into the air.  I can imagine the cookies dancing across the table teasing me.  Wanting me to taste their silky doughy centers.

So cookies are vegetarian.  There is no meat in a cookie.  There is no animal flesh hiding beneath the glistening frosting.  And if they were made with vegetable shortening and egg substitute they could be considered vegan.  Mmmmmm.  I can taste those cookies already.   But.  I have to stop kidding myself.  These cookies were made with pounds of butter and eggs that give the cookie it delectable flavor.  These cookies are definitely not vegan.  But they are vegetarian.

So I have to add some other stipulation to my diet.  Step away from the bakery.  No early morning trips to the doughnut counter for me.  No pumpkin walnnut cookies, no caramel brownies, no tres leche pastel.  I need to have some will power.  I am one of those people that can go to the bakery and order four muffins.  Watch those muffins be put into that white bag.  White bakery bags are so seductive.  I know what is  inside.  Those delicious bakery treats.  I just want to rip them open and devour what is inside.  I get the bag home thinking that I would have a muffin each morning during the week.  On the counter it sits.  Hmmmm.  Acting so like a brown bag but I know better.  Most likely that bag of muffins will not make it to the next morning.

So.  Even though those cookies may be vegetarian I am not going to succumb to their deliciousness.  I shove my hands into my pockets and walk even more briskly to hurry myself home. 

Today zucchini and tomatoes for lunch and eggplant with yogurt and couscous for dinner.  And popcorn for later.

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